Karnataka Beach sends camel

Camels were being used for giving joy rides to tourists at Parambur Beach in Karnataka. But now after some animal rights activists raised their voice against this issue, all the camels have been sent back to the place where they belong, Rajasthan. The transfer took place on Sunday.

It was Suma Nayak, Advocate and trustee of Animal Care Trust, who told the media that, “A student brought to my notice that there were camels on the beach. The High Court of Karnataka has banned camels in the state. The weather condition prevailing here does not suit them. We spoke to the caretakers, who hail from Rajasthan and are very poor, to take them back to their hometown. We then got in touch with the owner, based in Pune, who came down to Mangaluru within a week. He told us that for three generations, they were using animals for joyride and that they had seven camels in Pune too.
We understand that it is a matter of livelihood, but these camels are far away from the desert and living in a humid climate. This could reduce their lifespan. Moreover, we noticed that cattle food was being served to them.”

Panambur Beach Tourism and Development Project’s CEO, Yathish Baikampady, said, “We have taken a commitment from their caretakers that they will not be slaughtered but taken back to their native land. The camels were at the beach for the past eight years.”