Kabir Rang Mahotsav, an initiative by theatre group, People’s Media Theatre in association with Rajasthan Forum and Ministry of Culture was organized in Jaipur. It was a two-day program that started with theatrical performance on day 1 and concluded with a musical evening on day 2 on Wednesday. The aim of the program was to bring forth the meaningful couplets of Kabir that are still relevant in the modern world.

Veer Abhimanyu

veer-abhimanyu-kabir-rang-mahotsavCourtesy: Times of India

On Day 1, a play titled Veer Abhimanyu, directed by Supriya Sharma was staged at the Ravindra Manch. It narrated the story of Abhimanyu, the youngest son of Arjuna and Subhadra, and his death in the Kurukshetra battle which is mentioned in the epic of Mahabharat.

On the thirteenth day of the battle, Dronacharya had diverted Arjun and Krishna away from the battleground and formed a Chakravyuh formation. However, Arjun and Krishna were the only people who knew how to deal with the formation. Abhimanyu knew about the art of breaking in a Chakravyuh when he was in Subhadra’s womb and hence he breaks into the formation and kills many Kauravas.

However, he didn’t know the art of coming out of the Chakravyuh since his mother had slept while listening to the story. That’s when he falls prey to the trap laid by the Kauravas and gets killed in the battle.

kabir-rang-mahotsavCourtesy: Times of India

Musical Eveningveer-abhimanyu-kabir-rang-mahotsav

On day 2, a musical evening was organized where musician Rajeev Bhatt performed some famous Kabir songs accompanied by his troupe. They sang songs like Jhini Jhini Bini Chadariya, Moko Kahan Dhunde Re Bande, etc.