Is JNU Reduced to a Centre of Crime Today?

What was once a premium centre of education and learning in the capital city, turned into a flophouse of politics, treachery and scandals. Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU), the leading education centre of India, witnessed severe ups and downs in last couple of months. From debates on Afzal Guru and arrest of students to raising anti-India slogans and public protests against the government, JNU has made it to the front page several times this year. The institute is once again back in limelight, with local cops discovering the body of a Ph.D. scholar in his hotel room this Tuesday, on 25th of October.

The Deceased was North Indian but The Cops Don’t Smell Racism

They deceased was identified as J.R. Philemon, a native of Senapati District (Manipur). A resident of Brahmaputra Hostel, Philemon, was pursuing his Ph.D. in West Asia studies at JNU. He was a scholar of International Relations, better known for drafting a chapter in ‘Persian Gulf 2014: India’s Relations with the Region’, which was later edited by PR Kumaraswamy , a professor at JNU. Ishwar Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South Delhi reported that none of the students have seen Philemon in last three days. However, neither college administration nor students informed the cops regarding his disappearance. When the body was recovered  from his hostel Room (171), no signs of struggles and fingerprints were found on spot.

The Mystery Behind His Death

None of the students suspected anything amiss while Philemon was missing. Though the occupants of neighbouring rooms complained of a weird odour emanating from Philemon’s room. Students informed staff members of this situation, who alerted the police control room. When the police broke open the deceased’s door, in the presence of audience, they found his partially decomposed body lying there.

Highlights of The Case:

  • There was no suicide note in his room.
  • Philemon’s body didn’t have marks of struggle or injury.
  • Since the room was locked from inside, no one suspected any foul play.
  • The deceased is said to be a binge drinker therefore, police suspects alcohol overdose to be the cause of his death.
  • The cops didn’t register any case till Tuesday night, for they were awaiting autopsy report.

Considering the extent of decomposition, cops suspect that Philemon was probably dead since last 2 days. They couldn’t ascertain the cause of his death so the body was sent for post mortem. For now, the police have recorded the statements of neighbouring students, friends and teachers.

JNU Never Runs Out of Controversies…

Last month, some students had protested over the mysterious disappearance of another student Najeeb Ahmad. Last week, a group of students detained VC and the senior university officers in their office building overnight, in this regard. Next day, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh ordered a special team to track down Najeeb, who’s still missing.

And now, Philemon’s death is likely to raise new questions and controversies regarding ongoing security measures within the campus.