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After several amendments and extensions, Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has been able to attract developers for seven of its nine affordable housing projects. The authority is optimistic to receive proposals for the remaining projects before bids get open on Monday.

The Rajasthan government has been looking for developers for its ambitious housing projects and with the current scheme of things, it could be believed that the CM Raje-led government will be able to achieve its set target.

A JDA officer closely involved with the development said: “Bids had been received for seven of the projects, however, as the bids were delivered in physical format, the applicants had been given time till Monday to submit them online.”

news of rajasthan

The Jan Awas Yojna-2015 is a project implemented with the economically weaker sections of the society in mind. Despite the limited liability, the low ceiling for construction price has made most developers reluctant to bid for the projects.

A recent rise of 10 percent in the construction cost ceiling too was inadequate to expectations of the developers. The development authority, meanwhile, insists to compensate the developers through other incentives, such as an additional built-up area for their other projects.

To ensure that costs are less, the government is working on various mechanisms to bring down the different construction costs.There are various lands where these housing will be constructed: JDA land at Anand Vihar, Abhinav Vihar, Shaurya Nagar and Surya Nagar areas of the city on Engineering, Procurement, and Construction basis. The government is working towards building an additional built-up area for their other projects, which will act as another initiative to incentivize the constructors. Another cut which has come at the prices is due to the government’s decision of excluding the lift facility.