Jaisalmer is known for men with high-maintained moustaches, curled upwards, signifying pride and dignity. The look gets comprehensively completed when a turban is tied, glamorizing the turban game with varied colours and styles, which grabs eyeballs of one and all. Women wear costumes of variant vibrant hues, accessorized with silver jewellery beautified with pancakes.

Jaisalmer Desert festival is just around the corner. With vibrant hues, music and laughter of the Desert Festival, Jaisalmer is all set to brighten up by day and glamorize by night. Dressed in multi-hued costumes, the people of the desert dance are all set to sweep you away from the sandy lands. The fair will witness a slew of snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats and folk performers. Camels, being the heartline of Jaisalmer are bound to cast their charm on all on-lookers and tourists. The festival day culminates with an enchanting sound and light show on a moonlit night.

Dates: February 8- 10, 2017

Where: Sam Sand Dunes 42 K.M. from Jaisalmer 


Exquisitely embroidered skirts, hand-woven shawls, rugs, carvings on wood and stone, camel decorations, embroidered leather bags, ethnic silver jewelry and terracotta are brought in from all over the desert. These skillfully achieved crafts are objects d’art for the handicraft buff.

Although the basic curation of the festival remains the same, each year there is an addition to the few new events. We are still waiting for extra details as to which other festivals will be added in 2017 Festival.

Fly to the festival

  1. Jodhpur can be reached by any of the major cities by air.
  2. Jodhpur is the nearest big city to Jaisalmer, which is well connected to the Sam Sand Dunes. It is also well connected by train and buses.

The festival is on a nomad’s calendar because of its vibrancy and dynamics. Keeping the Jaisalmer fort as a backdrop, this festival is observed by many. Sponsored by the Rajasthan State Tourism Corporation, this festival is a joyful celebration of the traditional performing arts and creative crafts of Rajasthan.



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