Jaipur Treads on an Eco-Friendly Path, The City will Receive New Cycle Tracks Soon

The 'Pink City' is all set to receive its eco-friendly non-motorized vehicles soon.

The ‘Pink City’ is all set to receive its eco-friendly non-motorized vehicles soon.

Whether it is to improve personal fitness, bank balance or environmental health, riding a cycle is probably the best decision one could ever make. In agreement with this thought, the JSML (Jaipur Smart Mission Ltd.) is set to transform ‘Pink City’ into a smarter, healthier and ‘green’ city. They’re going to whip up an eco-friendly, non motorized transport system in the heart of the city. JSML has proposed the construction of 50 kilometer long interconnected cycle network in various areas, as reported by CEO Sandesh Nayak. These cycle tracks will cover major locations of the city.

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JSML will initiate the project in two phases. In the first stage, they’re going to set up a 9 km long cycle track on JLN Marg connecting Jawahar Circle and Albert Hall. The tracks will be painted in reflective blue colors to differentiate them from other lanes. However, before the implementation of the actual project on ground, the authorities will construct a ‘test’ lane stretching over 800 meters between Tripoliya and Kishanpole Bazaar. If it turns successful, attempts will be made to launch Phase I as soon as possible.

Stage I will be developed in PPP (Public-Private Partnership) mode. They group has already begun drafting the first blueprint of the project. Hopefully, the blueprints will complete by the month end. Besides, 5 cycle stands will be made to accommodate 25 cycles each on JLN Marg. These stands will be setup near famous landmarks so that commuters can easily locate them. The idea is to encourage the locales to rent cycles for ride. This is a convenient option for working professionals and hostellers.

Two New Cycle Tracks have been proposed for JLN Marg and the Walled City.

Two New Cycle Tracks have been proposed for JLN Marg and the Walled City.

The second phase of this project will cover around 650 acres of land in the old heritage area. In absence of space, they’ll find means to connect the Walled city to the outskirts.

It’s not just JSML that is conscious about public health. A few months back, JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) conjured a detailed project on bicycle tracks in the Walled City. Due to lack of funds, it had been collecting dust in the office. As per JDA’s plans, seeing that total area of Walled City is about 6.7 square kilometers, they were planning to provide about 1,000 cycles to reduce congestion. Therefore, they’d initially thought to put up 72 cycle stands in the Walled City.

Nonetheless, JSML has decided to put things back in place. Both the groups will come together to transform this vision into a reality. With their joint efforts, Jaipur will hopefully receive its first cycle network in the coming months.

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