Pink city Jaipur is expected to shed away its garbage because Jaipur Municipal Corporation will be collecting junk from door-to-door as per the approval. JMC will be collecting solid waste from 91 wards in the city.

On December 8th, state government approved door-to-door junk collection which was pending from very long time for the zones, Civil Lines and Mansarover. There are two zones remaining for which agency is still on its way to make a decision.

Senior DLB official said, “The state government has given approval to start door-to-door collection for all the packages. Work order will be released with in this month and garbage collection is expected to start by the end of January”.

Jaipur Municipal Commission launched tenders for the policy of door-to-door garbage collection. They make three divisions, among which the first one included Amber, Vidyadhar Nagar area and Hawa Mahal (West), the second division includes Hawa Mahal (East), Sanganer and Moti Doongri and third division includes Mansarovar and Civil Lines. Government has shown green flag to this project of the city.

A designated JMC official mentioned, “For the 1st and 3rd divisions, the Pune-based firm quoted a rate of Rs 1,690, while the Mumbai firm quoted Rs 2,502 and Rs 2,349, respectively. Similarly, for the 3rd division, the Pune firm quoted Rs 1,650, while the Mumbai firm quoted Rs 2,349 . As rates quoted by Pune firm was lowest, work was awarded to that firm”.

He further added, “For these rates, the firm has to collect garbage from houses and bring it to the depot”.

For this policy of door-to-door garbage collection, municipal corporation will contribute Rs. 40 for a 100 square yards plot and Rs. 50 for a more than 100 square yards plot. Also, for colonies and market, Rs. 80 is allotted and Rs. 100 for restaurants.