Jaipur: Maiden ‘Wall of Hope’ in Rajasthan benefits the target section of society.

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Walking in the footsteps of Iran and other Indian metro cities, Jaipur has too put in place its ‘Wall of Hope’ . It was inaugurated on Tuesday  as a part of an ‘outdoor charity initiative’.This wall has been built in Jagatpura. The initiative is first-of-its-kind in the city.

This wall of hope is categorically for the poor. For those who will  contribute to the cause, it is their version to help the needy. Hooks and hangers have been installed in the wall where passersby can leave goods which

  1. they want to donate or
  2. are unlikely to use in future.

As winters are around the corner,warm clothes can easily be donated . Aware of the fact that Rajasthan faces harsh winters  by the Sun sets in.People may donate anything ranging from pullovers, coats and other warm clothes to help the homeless .No record of the donors or beneficiaries will be maintained.

The social justice and empowerment minister,Arun Chaturvedi said,”There is a big section of needy people in the society. This wall of hope will become a medium to help every section without discrimination and help in their upliftment,”

The concept was introduced in Bhilwara.It garnered a lot of support and popularity.Taking major inspiration from the city,Jaipur built one for itself. While the city authorities are optimistic about the success of ‘Wall of Fame’,it is gearing up to spread a similar concept pan-Jaipur. Jaipur claims to attract more donors and contribute towards this initiative.

Needy people visit the wall, mostly in the evenings, try out dresses and take what they require. According to officials, not a single case of people ‘looting’ or walking away with cart loads of goods has been reported.

According to a district administration official, two ‘Walls of Kindness’  were constructed in the month of August and are receiving immense response.

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