Jaipur development authority to hike sewerage charges

Jaipur Development Authority

Jaipur Development Authority

The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) is all set to increase the sewerage charges in the city. It has been proposed to increase the charges by 13 to 15 times. This surge is happening nearly after 13years.

As per the proposal, JDA will impose sewerage charges anywhere between Rs 158 and Rs 176 per square metre on plot owners at the time of issuing the lease deed. However ,JDA charges Rs 12.50 per square metre,at this point in time.

“As the costing to lay the sewerage line has increased manifold over a decade, we have drafted a proposal to increase the charges. The plot owners have to deposit sewerage charges one time before procuring the lease deeds,” said a JDA official.

In 2003, JDA decided to impose Rs 12.50 per square metre during the time of regularisation of the plot or colony. The charge to lay sewerage line in colonies, which are already regularised, was kept unchanged in 2006.

JDA will mortgage its land for a bank loan to construct drainage and sewerage network in the state capital. In this regard, JDA has already identified land worth Rs 2,000 crore on Agra and Sikar roads..

In the housing policy of 2010, it was proposed to impose Rs 50 per square metre as sewerage charge. However, officials continue to believe that the charges are understated.Now, for a 100 square metre plot, residents have to pay Rs 1,250. As per the proposed rates, a minimum amount of Rs 15,600 has to be deposited.

To develop sewerage system in various parts of the city, a loan of Rs 500 crore has been also sought from the National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB).

It is proposed that NCRPB will provide loan at an interest rate of 7.5% to JDA. For the same, a NCRP team also visited Jaipur recently.

The decision is prudent on the part of JDA. However, it is quite unfortunate for the common man as it will create a bigger hole in it’s pockets, engendering a spike in livelihood expenses.

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