International Conference at Brahma kumaris Headquarters Stresses on Spiritual Empowerment

The international conference organized at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Abu Road organized on 23rd February and was recently concluded on 27th February. The conference witnessed several eminent speakers who stressed on the significance of spiritual empowerment and preached it’s the only path to achieve peace, happiness, and good health.

In the four-day event, more than 200 speakers from across the globe participated in several sessions attended by around 10,000 participants. These included people from Japan, Russia, Nepal, Indonesia, and others. During the valedictory session, the participant pledged that they would contribute towards bringing a change in the world by transforming themselves.

At the conference, Lok Sabha MP Sharad Tripathi said that after visiting the Shantivan campus, he came to learn that inner changes is important to bring a change outside. He even said that if everyone would adopt the teachings of the Bramhakumari campus, then world peace wouldn’t be far away.

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Further, Mariia Pobedinskaia, a Russian psychologist said that it was necessary to understand the minds of children and that ignoring their feelings could lead to stressful situations. Mohammad Yaqub from Gandhi Peace Foundation said that he had learned lessons relating to peace, harmony, respect, and cleanliness from the Brahma Kumaris.

At the conference, a former BBC journalist also spoke on Rajyoga meditation. She stunned everyone when she spoke in Hindi, explaining as to how the meditation provided knowledge of the time, world history, and law of Karma. The conference was also attended and addressed by several others including Ex MP Suresh Chandel, Prof. Satbir Singh Khalsa, Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Yoga Therapy, NN Ramakrishnan (MD of Nakkubetta), etc.

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