The Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan faces big threat due to Fencing Gaps

Fencing Gap

Since the terrorist attacks on Uri in Kashmir, the entire country has been furious over our neighboring country Pakistan. Pakistan has always been a troubling neighbor as many terrorists use to infiltrate from the borders to get an entry in our country and spread terror. But, since Uri attacks, the security around the border have increased and the areas near the borders have been secured so that no more unwanted elements can enter illegally in our region. But, the reports say that there are gaps in the fencing of the Indo-Pak international border in Rajasthan which is a huge security threat to India. This is the same situation as that which resulted in Uri attack in Jammu and Kashmir last week.

The sources suggest that at Shahgarh Bulj area in Jaisalmer, a 32-km area along the border has developed gaps in fencing due to shifting dunes. Also, due to sand, there are places where the border is not even visible clearly. At many places, border pillars got buried under desert sand. As per the military and armed forces, they pose a very serious threat to the security of India. The vast area without light can result in infiltrations from cross-border in the absence of light.

BSF Rajasthan Frontier IG BR Meghwal accepted that it could be a major threat to security and it is evident to repair the LOC as soon as possible to avoid any mishappenings like Uri in Rajasthan. He said, “Broken fencing and gaps due to shifting dunes in Shahgarh Bulj area was a subject of concern, as the possibility of intrusion cannot be ruled out.” Previously, in February, Defence parliamentary committee under MP Bhattacharya had visited the area, along with National Security Council secretariat team, led by former union home secretary Madhukar Gupta, visited the area nearby Jaisalmer and expressed concern over the gaps in fencing of the border.

Meghwal said, “Both the teams have submitted their report recommending Centre to take strict action for strengthening the security in that 32-km long area. They also suggested seeking the advice and assistance of forest department for stabilization of the sand dunes in the area. IG said, “There is no light in the 32-km area and CPW is conducting research to set up special kind of light poles.”

It was approximately around 10 years ago that the International Border was done around Shahgarh Bulj. And now, it had broken from several places and hanging in the air. Also, it got buried in sand at several places. At this place in Rajasthan, the sand is like a sea and if anyone gets lost there, it would be really hard for the person to survive.

So, we should be grateful to our soldiers who are protecting our boundaries under such conditions with so courage. Now, it’s the duty of the Government to safeguard our boundaries by providing our soldiers what’s needed to them at the right time and right place.

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