After organizing tiger and leopard safaris in Rajasthan, the state will also have bull safari for the visitors. Hingonia Gaushala is planning to introduce bull safaris whereby the tourists will be given a tour of the area and they can sight cattle of cows, buffaloes, and bulls in the open grounds. There will be both night and day safaris and tourists will be given the tour in a car.

Hingonia Gaushala is the biggest cow shelter of the state spread across 1300 bighas of land. Located 15 kms away from Jaipur, the shelter is an abode to around 20,000 cows. The initiative has been taken by Akshay Patra Foundation that adopted the shelter in 2017.

Source: Rajasthan Post

The bull safari will be organized at Hingonia Punarvas Kendra. In order to set the preparations in place, the construction of cottages and shelter has already been started. As per the reports, a separate track will be made for the safari and there will also be stay arrangements for the tourists.

In the safari, apart from the tour of the area, the visitors will also be given a demo of advanced machines and their use in obtaining milk. Currently, around 2500 litres of milk is collected at the Gaushala on a daily basis. Besides, 800 packets of buttermilk, ghee, and bottles of gaumutra are packed for sale at the shelter.

In addition to popularizing the place as a tourist spot, the safari would also generate added income. The foundation is expecting to take care of the animals by utilizing this money.