First Day of GRAM Blissfully Ends with a Heart Touching Performance by Manganiar Seduction


Muslim Sufis with Mesmerising Voices Lure Participants into Divinity. An evening well-spent at GRAM.

They’re Muslim Fakirs with hypnotic voices that find divinity in simplest things of life, such as music. They believe in Allah but also includeHinduDevas in their prayers and aspirations. Unsoiled, unrestrained by materialism, their love for Sufi music surpasses religious boundaries, geographical borders and social restrictions. Devotion and dedication towards their profession rejuvenates their otherwise dull and boring desert life. Who’re they? Manganiar Seduction, a group of Langha communities originated from the desert of Sindh and Rajasthan.

Once again, they cleverly lured listeners into a state of blissful divinity today. Following a long and tiring day around 216 high-tech ‘agri stalls’, visitors of GRAM 2016 got a peaceful respite from their busy at cultural eve held in JECC Auditorium today. Talented musicians of Rajput descent collectively presented the long-forgotten stories of desert in their soulful voices. Music to them is not just a profession. It is a tradition, a heritage, an oral talent that they pass on to their younger generations. On the cultural evening of India’s biggest agritech meet, audience witness a 50-minute-long hypnotic performance by these prodigious professionals.

The song was a beautiful amalgamation of vocals, rhythm and beats produced on Dholak, Nagaada, Khartaal and Kamaicha. Keepers of desert tales left the audience flabbergasted on the very first day of Global Agritech Rajasthan Meet. With this, the event has set high standards for other state oriented conventions focusing on progressive sectors like agriculture and industry. The audience, awed by their performance looks forward to other appealing performances in the remaining two days of GRAM. If the rumours are true, we shall get a glimpse of famous celebrities like HemaMalini performing on stage, as well.

Having made a showstopping entry this November, GRAM alleviates expectations of state farmers and investors, who see it as a powerful platform for knowledge, experience and entertainment. The glorious end of inauguration ceremony speaks volume of the event’s success. Kudos to Raje government, enthusiastic farmers and supportive citizens of state for making this day an epic success in the history of Rajasthan.

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