Rajasthan is running lighthouse projects in the journey of Digital India

The Rajasthan team is striving towards achieving unprecedented excellence in the digitization realm.

Here is what the desert state has achieved in the last three years under the strong leadership of CM Raje. Have a look at these spectacular feats which have been implemented in India for the first time.

RajNET – a fully implemented Integrated network solution for connectivity up to Gram Panchayats

RajVC – a platform to implement Video Conferencing Facility till each and every Gram Panchayats

RajDharaa – First and only state to have Unified GIS platform and decision support system of geospatial data.

Raj eVault – First state to provide Secure and authorised eSpace with electronic self attestation and eVerification.

Raj eSign – Platform for free, safe and secure AADHAAR enabled electronic sign facility.

Raj eMail – A portal which provides free email facility to each resident: @rajasthan.in

iStart – an excellent, unified and integrated single window for Startups

Qrate – An online mechanism for integrated rating, incubating, accelerating and establishing a startup

Challenge for Change – First state to have an electronic platform for direct projects to startups – with  value up to Rs 1 Crore

Rajasthan also offers Enterprise Single Sign On – One Common Username and Password for all Government Applications. Additionally, an IP-based telephony has been provided till every Gram Panchayat.

Rajasthan is the first and only state to have fully implemented SOA based eGovernance Architecture and Framework (Service Oriented Architecture), thereby making Rajasthan the first and only Open Data, Open Services, Open Standards and Zero Code State.

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