Forget Cash, Try CPCS for Cashless, Hassle-Free Travel

The smart travel card will provide you access to different services like metro trains, city bus, and public bicycle rentals.

The smart travel card will provide you quick access to different services like metro trains, city bus, and public bicycle rentals.

‘Card or Cash? Change or Wallet Money? Should I carry cash in my pocket or should I swipe cards?’ It’s hard to enjoy the scenery when multiple questions plague your mind! To top it, it’s irritating if you don’t have change for transportation. Luckily, when traveling in Rajasthan, you don’t need to think a lot! After demonetization last year, Rajasthan government has employed multiple ways to control currency crunch in the market. The CPCS travel card is a novel step towards achieving cashless economy in Rajasthan. What’s that? Find out here.

CPCS or ‘Common Payment Card System’ is one of the developmental projects under Jaipur Smart City Mission. The government, in order to provide easy, cash-free transportation for commuters, launched this project to speed up monetary transactions.

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Like ‘metro cards’ and ‘bus passes’ the government will provide a ‘common prepaid payment card’ to travelers. This card will cover different services like metro trains, city bus, and public bicycle rentals. Commuters can swipe the ‘multi-purpose travel card’ to travel seamlessly across the city. Next, the authorities may add the entry ticket to various heritage sites to this card, through a common ticketing system. Let’s say the state tourism and public transportation department are in for big changes this year.

The CPCS (Common Payment Card System) is a unified payment system wherein the user can swipe smart card to access public transport system. According to a JSML (Jaipur Smart City Mission Limited) officer, the new CPCS system is based on open loop standards, as opposed to the traditional closed loop system. The open loops have additional benefits over closed loop systems.

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The commuters can get this card from PoS (Point of Sale) stations present at various locations in the city. The best advantage of the card is that you can get it recharged at ETMs (Electronic Ticketing Machines) near bus stations and online.

Once the system is in place, the authorities don’t need to handle cash. It’ll reduce the operational costs, and prove convenient for the customers.

Get ready for the big change! Embrace cashless smart cards for seamless travel.

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