Congress Leaders circulated Obscene Videos in Group and found a new source of Entertainment


Lokesh Sharma COngress IT Head

Indian National Congress is the oldest national party of our country and citizens of our country look upon Congress leaders as senior political leaders leading the country towards progress. But, all we can learn from them is corruption and keeping self-interest above all. The party leaders in the state of Rajasthan teach us some serious new lows each day. Sonia Gandhi, being a lady, you should seriously have a look at this as the Congress IT cell members are now circulating obscene videos in their “WhatsApp” group in Ajmer. The incident created a lot of havoc in the party members in Ajmer city of Rajasthan state. The video was so disturbing that it humiliated the women members of the group to an extent that they started “exiting” the group.

The incident, however, got strong reactions from the group members and until evening, many of the members reacted by leaving the group. May it be the fear of losing in the coming assembly elections or their favorite past time but the act surely disgraced the members, especially women members in the group.

The sources confirmed that Ajmer Congress IT Cell in charge Anupam Sharma have started a WhatsApp group naming “Ajmer Congress Supporters” with various dignified personalities as its members like Ajmer Congress Chief Vijay Jain, Dr. ShriGopal Baheti, Lalit Bhati, Hemant Bhati, Kailash Jhaliwal, Shailendra Agarwal, Gajraj Khatana, Women Congress Chief Saba Khan, Pramila Kaushik, Lakshmi Nayak, etc. including 70 other members. The post was updated around 1pm in the group but Leaders were so busy that it took them more than 2 hours to remove it from the group. The reactions only included discussions about posting of the video and no one cared to apologize to the women members of the group for the deed.

It is only a few days back that Udai Lal Anjana Corruption case got the attention of media as this congress leader was found with a hidden treasure in his domain during an IT raid. He was also involved in Sexual molestation cases before in 2013, during the rule of Congress in Rajasthan.

It is sad that a party so old is now filled with such leaders who are presenting a corrupt face in front of the public but this would surely happen when a single family will rule the deeds and desires of other corrupted minds and questionable characters.

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