CM Vasundhara Raje’s Day 1 at Bhilwara under Apka Zila Apki Sarkar Program

Apka Zilla Aapki Sarkar Vasundhara Raje

India has entered an era of people centric development oriented governance. Not just any governance but ‘maximum governance’; but governance with ‘minimum government’. But what exactly is good governance? According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “good governance is putting people at the centre of the development process”. Well if that is what it is, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Smt. Vasundhara Raje is leaving no stone unturned in implementing the idea. Ever since she came to power as the Chief Minister of the largest state of the country, she has unceasingly worked for the good of the people of the state. From making Rajasthan sixth best holiday destination in Asia to making it number one in solar energy production, from making the state secure first position twice in skill development to constructing the highest number of toilets in Rajasthan under PM Modi’s Clean India Campaign, taking the state from nowhere to 6th in EODB rankings, CM Raje has dedicated her governance to the large good and proved that she is an excellent leader.

No sector has been left untouched in the state under the leadership of Raje. She believes that the state can only move towards holistic development if every hand works with coordination and corporation. Through dusty roads she has been able to reach to those areas where often administration is not able to reach. History has been the hostile witness that no government so far has been able to reach out to such distant hamlets of the vast state where CM Raje has successfully reached and brought significant changes.  She has always been known for being the people’s leader. Moving towards her vision, Vasundhara Raje had initiated the ‘Apka Zila Apki Sarkar’ (Your District, Your Government) program last year after divisional tours under the Apke Dwar program. .
Under the Apka Zila Apki Sarkar, the Raje government visits districts and inspects the ground reality of the various government schemes.

Apka Zilla Aapki Sarkar Vasundhara Raje

Currently, CM Raje is on her three-day tour to Bhilwara district. On the first day of the three-day tour under the ‘Apka Zila Apki Sarkar’ program she spent the quality time with the specially-abled children and the senior citizens. The first day was completely dedicated to differently abled and destitute children. What could have been better than the chief minister herself sitting in the class among the specially-abled children making them feel as if she was their own guardian? She did not only spend time with the children but also taught them some lessons. She interacted with the children while donning a teacher’s role. Raje emphasised that these kids need every bit of love, care and support. CM Raje praised the childrens’ computer skills and their interest in making creative candles.  To check the development of the children and to learn about what they are actually being taught, CM Raje conducted a short test where she made the children identify some colours and asked the names of some common fruits and vegetables. Raje won all the innocent hearts donning a teacher’s role.

It is common knowledge now that CM Vasundhara Raje has a affinity for children and their development. We also know she has always given priority to the senior citizens of the state. Later in the day, she went to an old age home to learn about the condition of senior citizens. On the occasion she said that differently-abled children and senior citizens are a part of our family and we should take care of them as our own children and parents. At the old age home, she inaugurated a new mess hall for the senior citizens. CM Raje said, “Taking care of senior citizens and the specially-abled children should be a priority. I will not tolerate any negligence in their care. I cannot see tears in their eyes.”

Chief Minister also inspected the State Juvenile and Child Home. She inspected the Central Library of the NICU and Toy Room and joined the children to watch ‘The Jungle Book’ on the projector. Also, she appreciated the activities being conducted in the skill development centres in the district. CM Raje praised the management after being impressed by the facilities like speech therapy learning, computer lab, physiotherapy lab and vocational training lab installed in the centre.

She says this is not the mission of one, but of every individual of the state to step ahead and join the efforts towards development. She tweeted, “I, our Ministers, MLAs – all of us – we are reaching out to the grassroots & we shall not stop till we ensure last mile delivery”. She inspected the exhibition where she was seen appreciating the skills the women of the SHG (self help group) who put in high efforts in making accessories and sported a pair of earrings on her ears. She appreciated the hard work and praised the creativity and their business sense. Also, to ensure the distribution of rations in a transparent manner, CM Raje instructed the officials to regularly monitor the POS Machines. She said it is beneficial for all, the consumers, the ration card holders and for storage operators if the ration shops are operated as the Annapurna Bhandars.

Apka Zilla Aapki Sarkar Vasundhara Raje

Rajasthan is the most arid state of the country and the fact that most of the districts face drought and plagued-like conditions every year is not hidden from anyone. Keeping in mind the same, CM Raje had initiated the Mukhyamantri Jal Swavalamban Yojana.  On her visit to Bhilwara, she directed the officers to complete the pending work of the first phase of Mukhyamantri Jal Swavalamban Yojana in the district within the scheduled time i.e. by June 30th.
At Rajiv Gandhi Park, CM Raje inaugurated 12 statues that are dedicated to the 12 Surya Namaskar postures as she believes that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

She has achieved more in two years of her governance in the state than the previous government had achieved in their entire tenure. Chief Minister Raje has started a lovely yet powerful fight for the progress of the people of Rajasthan and as citizens we must join her in this mission.