CM Raje’s Second Day of the ‘Apka Zila Apki Sarkar’ program at Bhilwara

On the second day of ‘Apka Zila apki Sarkar’ program in Bhilwara, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje conducted surprise checks along with her entourage to check on the ground realities of the Bhilwara district. She interacted with the villagers and took feedback on the various government schemes. On her second day of Apka Zila Apki Sarkar she warned the negligent officials that strict actions would be taken in case there is any delay or negligence in providing the public facilities to the people of the district. CM Raje has always kept the people of the state as her priority and why not, when they really are her real strength.

CM Raje also has tourism on top of her focus list. With great dedication and continuous efforts the tourism department under the leadership of Raje has shown excellent outputs in the past two years, making Rajasthan the 6th most popular holiday destination in Asia. While inspecting the beautification work at Marsarovar Lake in Bhilwara, CM Raje directed the officials to make it a picturesque site to attract as many tourists as possible to boost the tourism sector for the district. After visiting the Gandhi Sagar Lake, she said that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the lakes and other water sources clean. She directed the collector Dr. Tina Kumar to make a boundary around the lake and plant trees on either side to make it look more breathtaking and green. She insisted that the Gandhi Sagar Lake should be made pollution free at the earliest and developed on lines of Jaipur’s Jal Mahal and Bikaner’s Sur Sagar Lake.

Raje was happy to see the use of poly-house, green house and solar water pumps in the Mangrop Village of the Bhilwara district where she appreciated such inspirational examples of progressive farming. With the help of these innovative techniques proper cultivation of chillies, pomegranate and bitter gourd is being done in the farms of this village. While interacting with the farmers CM Raje appealed them to reduce the use of electricity and rather use solar energy to give the boost to the industry. She also did appeal to adopt organic farming. She insisted that all the farmers must accept going the organic way because it keeps the crops healthy, does not involve any use of pesticides, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones or any fertilizers. During her visit to the Mangrop Village she also appreciated the co-operative society run by women. She has always been exclusively supportive towards women of the state and has taken several steps towards their empowerment. She said that the SHGs are setting an excellent example of savings and cooperation. She congratulated the women on successfully adopting innovation. Around 600 women of the Mangrop village who are associated with this co-operative society are successfully running grocery shops and are excelling in sales of seeds and fertilisers.


CM Raje believes in connecting to the grassroots. Next she visited the small Sola ka Kheda village in the Bhilwara district where the residents complained about the uprooting of a hand pump in village’s elementary school and unavailability of clean drinking water for the children. Disappointed CM Raje instructed the District Collector to look into the matter and arrange drinking water in the school as soon as possible. Further to make sure that the children are being provided with quality food in form of mid-day meals, she herself tasted the meals prepared on that day. She said children are the future of the state and the country and she will not tolerate any negligence in their care or any delay in providing basic facilities.


Residents of Bhilwara welcomed her with open arms and heart as they were very over-whelmed with the efforts Raje is putting in building the state as the number one state of the country. People of the various villages she visited gave her a warm welcome and expressed their problems and woes. They were blissful to know that a leader has truly fulfilled the promises of visiting the rural areas and bringing reforms. They said that never has it happened before, that a leader promised something during the elections and actually turned back and fulfilled them. They told the CM that illegal mining of gravel is being done near the Banas River and 10 metres deep trenches and pits have been dug.  CM Raje was completely shocked and was taken aback when she heard this. A maximum of 3 meters pit can be dig near the river area and so CM immediately asked the Police Superintendent to investigate and take strictest possible actions regarding the illegal mining.

Where on one hand she warned the officials for negligence in providing facilities to the people, on the other she also appreciated the management for the good work being done in the district in various sectors like farming, tourism, skill development, women empowerment etc. Knowledge management, innovation and productivity are integral part of good governance. Equally important is the transparency in your work. It works as a cornerstone as it allows citizens everywhere to hold institutions and government accountable for their policies and performance. CM Raje believes that development can only be achieved by walking together towards it hand-in-hand. Let’s follow her lead and do the best for our state