CM Raje writes a pragmatic blog; talks about political party supporting mob violence

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje says that the ideation of claiming that any political party supports mob violence stems from prejudice and dishonesty.

CM Raje reflected on how in the past 18 months, tragic stories have been fabricated, weaved and presented to the public in a manner which prompts a stir across the state and the country.

CM Raje highlighted that the notion that political parties support mob violence of any kind is false on all grounds-be it religion, caste, eating habits.

Raje bifurcated the rising issue of mob violence into 3 segments – allegation vs conviction, story vs data, and individual motivation vs group bias.

CM Raje shed light on heated up cases like Zafar Khan, Pehlu Khan among other prominent cases which had made to headlines.

CM Raje asserted that the culprits of these cases will be convicted and punished. She also said that investigations for the same are underway.

The Pratapgarh incident which involved the death of Zafar Khan post an argument related to open defecation was seen as lynching. However, newspapers and witnesses confirmed that Khan was old enough and hence, succumbed to a heart arrest. She also expressed her conviction that the culprit will not be spared at any cost.

CM Raje also said that Rajasthan has not witnessed any drop in the number of deaths and incidents of murders.

She also talked about how in the past three years, there had been no increment in the number of deaths in Rajasthan and the incidents of murders and mob lynchings are lesser in the year 2017 as compared to 2012.

The ongoing gap between the aspirations of the government and the reality is a disappointment, she added.

She also mentioned that the main focus was to better health services so that India reached an unnatural death toll to zero.

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