Blood slide test made compulsory in Rajasthan state hospitals to control Malaria

malaria in rajasthan,

In his changing weather and with continuous monsoon swings in the state of Rajasthan, the chances of diseases like malaria, chikungunya etc have increased. People are always advised to keep some safety measures in mind while stepping out of the home and also when at home. There should be complete cleanliness that must be maintained in order to keep away the mosquitoes and other inspects. With the increasing probability of any individual of the state getting in trap of the disease and with the increasing number of reports and cases that have been registered in government and private hospitals, the Rajasthan government in the leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has made the malaria test compulsory at the state hospitals.

“We are doing it to rule out malaria. If someone does test positive, doctors can immediately start treatment,” a senior health department official said.
“We are not taking any risks. Diagnosis is important for treatment,” the official said.

Following the same rule more than 15000 people suffering from fever that reported to hospitals around the state were tested for malaria between 10 September and 20 September 2016. Among all seasonal diseases, including dengue, chikungunya and scrub typhus, malaria is the dreaded of them all. Around 4145 people around the state have already been tested positive of the disease compared to 4631 people in 2015 and not to forget three people suffering malaria died last year.

The official said that they have the facility for blood slide testing up till primary health centers in rural areas. “If a patient comes to a primary health centre or district hospital with fever, we advise them to undergo malaria test. Even existing testing facilities can diagnose malaria falciparum, which can prove fatal if not treated on time,” the official said.

Experts have always said to maintain proper hygiene and this time again they have linked the increasing number of patients reporting malaria in the state with poor hygiene. The health department and the Jaipur Municipal Corporation are taking preventive measures to put off the spread of the deadly diseases by conducting fogging and anti-larvae activities all around. We request everyone to take full care of them and maintain utmost cleanliness around keeping everyone safe.

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