As per the latest reports, 25 Gaushalas of Rajasthan will be equipped with biogas plants with the capacity of more than 100 cubic meters. For the establishment of these plants, the State Government’s Gopalan Department will pay 50% subsidy on investment costs. The move will make Rajasthan the first state to produce manure from biogas plants at cow shelters.

According to the State Cooperative and Gopalan Minister Ajay Singh Kilak, the subsidy worth up to INR 40 Lakh each will be paid to the shelters by the department. Each biogas plant would produce 5 to 10 metric tonnes of manure on a daily basis.

Overall, these 25 biogas plants are anticipated to produce around 1 Lakh Metric Tonnes of manure in a year. This would be a great boon for farmers for the cultivation of crops.

biogas plantsImage Courtesy: The Hindu

As a part of the Gaushala Biogas Participation Scheme announced in the budget by CM Raje, 25 registered cow shelters on the land measuring around 25 bighas will be selected. After that, the work of installation will be carried out.

According to Mr. Kilak, this would enable the shelters to generate additional income and hence would make them self-sufficient. Besides, it would also support organic farming, promote non-conventional sources of energy and would give refuge to bovine animals.

The cow shelters that are interested to be a part of the scheme will have to submit their proposal to the district level Gopalan committee. The committee will then recommend them to the department. The minister said that the department would screen the proposals and then issue administrative and financial approval.