Bhilwara School Bus Mishap

On Monday morning, a private school bus of Acharya Vidhya Sagar Secondary School travelling over an inundated bridge at Bijoliya of Bhilwara, Rajasthan, fell into Palka river flowing below. Reports suggested that the bus was carrying 50 students but there were only 18 of them, as found out later. Fortunately all 18 students have been rescued and are safe now. It was made possible through efforts of the villagers from nearby communities. As the front segment of the bus wedged somewhere, it did not fall into the river completely. The villagers then broke the front pane of the bus and pulled out all the students trapped inside. Panchu Ram, a policeman of Bijoliya polce station reported every detail to the media. Out of those 18 children, 5 were girl students.

The accident was caused by bus driver’s carelessness. He tried to cross the river through a small bridge which didn’t have railings. Policemen reported the time of the accident to be 7:30 am and at that same time the bridge already had 2 feet level of water.

A case against the driver is filed for neglectful driving despite warning by villagers said the policeman.