Ashok Gehlot breaks his OWN dirty record of colossal scams yet again; raises perfidy level

“What goes around comes back”, someone rightly said. Ashok Gehlot is notoriously known for extravagant and lavish spending on acquiring personal assets and gaining undue favouritism. Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot rides on a spending spree, from the day he assumes office. The disgraceful past has been a testimony to this fact. Well, the present scene also reflects the same notion too.

The thirst of gaining favouritism grew so wild in the mind and soul of Gehlot that he resorted to intense dishonesty and perfidy.

As a matter of fact, Ashok Gehlot spent an ornamental sum of Rs. 500 crore during his tenure. Anti Corruption Bureau took the charge to constantly scrutinise the matter. It gave it’s final verdict in 2015: Gehlot is accused of perfidy with the state masses.

The minister has bluffed and manipulated facts on account bills. This enormous amount was doled out for state’s benefit but also benefitted a handful of top-placed ministers. It has been used to fund shell companies incorporated and helmed by none other than, Ashok Gehlot.

According to the ACB report, Gehlot spent a whooping 500 crore in promotional activities for his personal advertisement campaigning. This amount was extracted not from his personal pockets but state’s shining treasury.

Gehlot spent exorbitant sums of money towards extensive campaigning on print media as well as digital media.

Notably, Gehlot tied up with ex-DIPR head Soni, on behalf of Congress party, who was responsible for publishing on television channels and other media outlets.

According to ACB reports, the DIPR (Department of Information & Public Relations) officers joined hands with Ajay Chopra, the head of Crayons advertising. If this wasn’t enough, 50-60% of revenue generated was transferred to Ajay’s bank accounts in the name of payments for his services, services which were driven by agenda of gaining favouritism amongst the masses.

Surprisingly, there were a slew of companies to whom payments were made. However, on close investigation, it was found that these companies never existed in reality. The advantage of making a shell company was what Gehlot enjoyed.

While this news is abuzz, the question is whether the minister who levelled allegations against the Prime Minister for spending alleged money on election campaigns will be able to prove himself amidst such revelations which portray him in bad light. We wish him all the luck!

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