AntaraRaj app launched by State Health Minister

The state health department on Wednesday launched a web-based application AntaraRaj app that will enable the department to track all women who are using Antara injectable contraceptives. After tracking them, the department will notify the women about reminders through SMSes so as to prevent the dropouts. This injectable contraceptive can prevent contraceptive for three months.

The AntaraRaj app was launched on the occasion of World Population Day by State Health Minister Kali Charan Saraf during a state-level function at Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sansthan auditorium in Jaipur. Here, the minister revealed that the National Health Mission has come up with the idea of this app so as to track the users and remind them about their next dosage on time.

AntaraRaj app launched by State Health MinisterCourtesy: Hindustan Times

National Health Mission Director Naveen Jain said the Antara Contraceptives were launched in Rajasthan in October 2017 and during 2017-18 it was used by a total of 18,000 women. However, only 50% of women turned up to take the second dose which led the department to come up with the idea of this app so as to minimize the dropout.

This is the first-of-its-kind effort in India initiated by National Health Mission Rajasthan and is expected to serve as an example for other states to follow. The application will generate a list of users and drop-outs thereby helping in taking remedial measures. The reminders will be sent to the users 7 days ahead of the due date.

Reportedly, the injectable contraceptive is available free of cost at all government health facilities across Rajasthan in a phased manner. The software development has been supported under Project Udaan, a joint effort of Rajasthan government and Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), UK. Initially, the web-based application will be launched in 14 districts and later will be introduced in all 33 districts.