Alwar has a Strong Religious Faith in Gau Sewa

For many, it’s a good deed to protect cows from being harmed as they are worshipped and fed but for Alwar, it’s a deep-rooted religious faith. As per a recent report by TOI, people of Alwar are encouraged by religious and social outfits to keep an eye on cow smuggling. The people practice Gau Sewa with a strong religious faith in the practice.

Earlier, it was just the practice of Gau Sewa; it was about feeding stray cows and sending them to gaushala. It was limited to saving them from eating plastic bags and some even donated a part of their monthly income to gaushalas.

Gau Sewa in Alwar

Cow Worshipping is a popular religious practice in Hindu culture

Besides, people attended Gau Kathas where they were taught as to how every household should have water and chapatti (bread) for the stray cows. It’s said that worshipping cows is akin to worshipping Lord Krishna. Besides, as per Hindu culture, the cows are considered as Kaamdhenu, as they are the harbinger of wealth and prosperity.

However, soon Gau Sewa turned into Gau Raksha when people realized that the animal they are worshipping is getting smuggled only to be slaughtered for leather. It disturbed them that cows were openly smuggled into vehicles to be sent to the slaughterhouse.

Organizations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad insisted people that they need to save cows from being smuggled to West Bengal where they will be slaughtered for leather and other purposes. The incidents alerted the villagers and they started keeping a check on places to prevent such smuggling. Today, even children are actively cautious of vehicles transporting animals.

However, Gau Raskha took an unfortunate turn when certain vigilantes started violence in the name of protecting cows. Incidents of lynching and beating up suspects started to trouble everyone. There are many people indulged in Gau Sewa who are not happy with such violent outtakes.

Some said that there are local criminals posing as cow vigilantes while some said that the aim of Gau Raksha was to protect cows and not harm anyone. As per TOI reports, Battu Khan, a resident of Ramgarh said that he has never seen people worshipping cows attacking anyone in Alwar.

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