It’s Not Just the Government Officers, but Gangster too that Follow a Strict Age Limit for Retirement

Five juvenile criminals from the 'young brigade' arrested by Alwar police.

Five juvenile criminals from the ‘young brigade’ arrested by Alwar police.

No, age is not just a number anymore! If you thought that age limit in an important factor for deciding eligibility criteria for admissions, reservations and retirement in India, you’re wrong. It’s not just the government officers, but the gangsters too that observe a strict age limit for retirement. Yeah, you heard it right! Alwar police busted a ‘young’ gang of criminals that follow a strict age of retirement that is 25 years. Once these offenders cross the prescribed age limit, they retire from the gang. Having obtained the position of a ‘senior mobster’ the members over 25 years of age can form separate gangs of their own.

Alwar Police Arrested Five Wannabe Gangsters of the ‘Young Brigade’ Gang Yesterday

Juvenile crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate in India.

The juvenile crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate in India.

This Sunday, Alwar police busted five new members of the young brigade who looted and kidnapped unsuspecting travellers on NH-8. According to the police, the gang recruited young kids and teenagers who wanted to become a hardcore criminal when they grow up. These teenagers were trained in the art of loot. Trained mobsters became skilled in attacking vehicles and replacing their number plates.

They used red beacons to scare off travellers. In past, they had successfully conducted 50 criminal activities in Rajasthan, New Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The Rajasthan police have been desperately trying to arrest them ever since they kidnapped a young land and tried to extort Rs 50 lakh from the poor victim’s family.

Some horrific crimes committed by the juveniles in past.

Some horrific crimes committed by the juveniles in past.

The young criminals arrested by the police were identified as– Alim (20), Munfed (20), Saddam (23), Arif (23) and Akram (24). The police have seized eight mobile phones and a plethora of weapons from the criminals. Upon thorough questioning, they revealed some deep dark secrets of their gang.

The most interesting question put up by the police was– “Why the retirement age?”. The detained mobsters informed the police that the gang recruits members below 25 years of age because they’re young, energetic, daring and reckless. Most of them being teenagers, look innocent, which drives suspicions away. Moreover, they’re brimming with young energy and enthusiasm.

The members who cross the standard age have their focus on their wedding, partner and family hence they tend to lose focus on gang-related activities. Therefore, the gang follows a strict age limit when it comes to retirement.

That surely was an interesting piece of information for the police. Right now, the cops are using the detained youngsters as bait to lure other members of the gang. They also plan to extort details regarding crimes held in Bharatpur, Alwar and Bhiwadi lately.

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