Students of Ajmer Women Engineering College in Rajasthan have invented a unique, ‘alcohol sensing helmet’ that doesn’t allow the rider to drink and drive. It’s a technologically advanced helmet that won’t allow the person to start the vehicle until and unless that person has put the helmet on.

The project has been pursued by a group of engineering students namely Priyanka Chauhan, Priya Sunaria, Neha Sharma, and Priya Mittal. In order to counter the cases of drink and drive that lead to several road accidents, this specially designed helmet will prevent the vehicle’s ignition from getting started if he/she is drunk.

alcohol-sensing-helmetImage Courtesy: Zee News

This helmet carries a sensor which connects to another sensor fitted in the vehicle. So in order to start the engine, the rider will be required to put the helmet on. For detecting, if the rider is drunk, the helmet is equipped with sensor RM Modular which senses if the rider is intoxicated. If the rider is drunk, the sensor fitted in the two-wheeler won’t be activated, thereby preventing the ignition from working.

The students demonstrated its working to Ajmer Traffic Police Deputy Superintendent Preeti Chowdhary. After watching the demonstration, Chowdhary gave a letter of appreciation to the students and assured that she would communicate the idea to senior officials. If the idea is approved by the higher authorities, it would be pitched to a big company for the manufacturing.

Currently, the helmet developed by the engineering students is in the prototype stage. If any company with sufficient funds agrees to manufacture these helmets, they will be distributed to the public and hence it would help in reducing the number of road accidents that happen because of drunk driving.