Rajasthan education

The development made by education sector of Rajasthan is remarkable. Education minister of Rajasthan Vasudev Devanani has said that Model, Excellent and Swami Vivekananda Schools of the state have been developed in the form of Center of Excellence in last four years. Even the state government is working to develop all schools on the same lines.

Initiatives taken by State government
Talking about the further developments of education in Rajasthan, the education minister shared that the initiative of Star Ranking in the state’s schools will be started on the basis of best quality education.

The state government is also planning to bring ‘State Education Research Training Center’. These centres will be set up in the Secondary Education Board so that it is connected to the state under the video conference.

To make education more effective in the state, Rajasthan Primary Education Council will be integrated with Ramasah. This will improve education quality from class 1 to 8.

Rajasthan education
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Amount spent on education sector of the state
Rs. 85 thousand crores have been spent on education by adopting innovations. This helps Rajasthan to become leading state in the education sector. This also leads Rajasthan to reach the fourth position in education which once stood at 18th. In fact, Rajasthan stands at third position under ‘Clean School Scheme’ by the Government of India after Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The examination results of government schools also outweighed private schools. The state has done remarkable job as by bringing Gargi awards for the girls. The recipients of Gargi awards also increased to three times due to these efforts. These awards are given to girls bringing more than 75 percent marks in secondary and senior secondary in Rajasthan.