Resurgent Rajasthan's MoUs have been successfully identified Rajasthan Industries Minister

On Monday, Gajendra Singh the Industries Minister, said “70 per cent of the Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) which were signed during the Resurgent Rajasthan summit last year had been identified.”

 It was in the month of November last year that a high level ‘Resurgent Rajasthan Partnership Summit’ was held in the capital city of Jaipur. During this summit, around 470 MoUs were officially signed and now the good news is that out of those 470 MoUs 328 projects have been assigned with an identified land.

Singh added to this progressive report saying that, “Various departments must make further efforts for a methodical and time-bound approach.” After all rigorous efforts will be required from all responsible authorities to implement the MoUs and make Resurgent Rajasthan a success.

As far as the pending cases are concerned, Singh said, “While the Industries Department will play a pivotal role in coordinating the implementation of MoUs, the respective departments need to monitor the cases effectively.”

The other highlight of this progress meeting was the presentation given by Vaibhav Galriya, the Commissioner of Bureau of Investment Promotion and NRIs.