3 McDonald’s outlets in Jaipur inspected & 100 litres of used old oil destroyed by govt

mcdonald's outlets in jaipur

McDonald, the fast food giant in Rajasthan has fallen into troubles. The state government during their regular checkups and inspection found that a few outlets in the state are using around 2 week old oil and also do not have a proper record of their food inventory.

“Besides using old oil for frying, the ingredients found in their refrigerators were undated and there was no record of when they were opened or how old they were. They also did not display their food licence, which is mandatory,” Jaipur Chief Medical Health Officer Narottam Mishra told.
After inspecting the three outlets at Panchbatti Circle, Elements Mall and Crystal Palm Mall reportedly the department has destroyed more than 100 litres of old used oil.

“McDonald’s in India has a robust oil management system (that is) developed and used worldwide by the corporation in 130 countries over the past 60 years. These processes are best in class and ensure the oil-in-use is checked every day and meets all the applicable standards. An important aspect to understand is that there are no standards defined in India for oil-in-use… yet, at McDonald’s, we follow standards and processes that ensure consistent quality and safe food is sold across all our restaurants” said a statement by the firm’s official spokesperson

Mishra said, “We have issued notices and sent the samples for testing. Any further course of action would be possible only after the test results arrive.”