About 200 Rajasthan Workers Stuck in Saudi Without Salaries

Around 200 workers are stuck in the Saudi Arabia who has not been paid for their work since past few months. A company in Saudi Arabia employed around 200 workers from the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan and have not been provided with their salaries from a couple of months. Their famalies have confirmed that they are forcefully been made to work there and also are not paid for what they do.

Mohammad Ishaaq and Mohammad Muslim, who basically belong to the Alsisar town in th Jhunjunu district of the state, informed their family on telephone that they and other workers are not left with any option and are feeling helpless and their grievances are also not being addressed by the company officials.

“There is no relief or positive response from the local labour court and the Embassy of India in Saudi Arabia,” the family members claimed.