11 Rajasthan cities to get wastewater reuse systems

A total of 11 cities of Rajasthan will get a supply of wastewater reuse systems from SPML Infra and Tata Projects together. These two companies reportedly won 3 contacts which entails a worth of Rs 1,275 Rs. And they have to these sewerage water systems to Rajasthan. This joint venture deal has been made possible with due considerations of Rajasthan Urban Water Sewerage and Infrastructure Corporation (RUDISCO).

11 Rajasthan cities to get wastewater reuse systems

These elements of water re-using will be able to provide almost 74.4 mega liters of water to Rajasthan’s 11 cities first and then the project will be expanded.

Rishabh Sethi, the Executive director of SPML Infra said, “It’s significant that the government of Rajasthan has initiated the projects for wastewater treatment and reuse that will help in reducing pollution in these cities. We are proud to be part of this improvement plan, which is vital to making fresh water available for drinking purpose.”

The deal or the contract is done for a period of 10 years, and first phase which includes pumping stations, sewage treatment works and sewer networks is estimated to finish up by the month of July in 2018.